LIFO & Financial Services for Auto Dealers

Reduce your auto dealership’s taxable Income!


Green Outsourcing Solutions helps auto dealers save tax dollars by implementing LIFOcapture™, an all-in-one tool that captures relevant financial data quickly and efficiently to help determine exact taxable income.

Net Inventory Calculations

Green’s all-in-one Net Inventory service gives you all the data capture, documentation and calculations required in a single solution. Green identifies all automotive trade discounts and advertising expenses. The data results are typically delivered in as little as 10 days; all you have to do is incorporate the necessary M1 Adjustments in the company’s tax return!

Additional Savings in Trade Discounts

Most dealerships have a 1.5% – 2% tax deferral resulting from new car trade discounts. As well, advertising adjustments can yield an additional 1% – 2% reduction, which is often the most difficult portion of using the Net Inventory Method. These additional percentages can mean thousands of dollars in savings for you.

Precise Net Inventory with LIFOcapture™

By utilizing LIFOcapture™ from Green Outsourcing, your dealerships has precise Net Inventory Method figures on each vehicle. You no longer are forced to work with estimates, which often can result in less than desirable financial data being used to figure taxable income.

One Solution for Dealer Savings

LIFOcapture™ can save dealerships hundreds of thousands of dollars on an annual basis.

Capture all data at one time

Utilize exact Net Inventory Method figures vs. estimates

Document and calculate in a single solution

Compliance and regulations

Trade discount monitoring and distribution of funds.